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Valuing Fine Art, Antiques, Jewellery, Watches and all other collectibles is a core competency within our business. We offer the full range of these services from a simple ‘walk through’ to fully documented and illustrated bound paper valuations.

Valuations for sale at auction are customarily offered free of charge if the items are consigned for sale through us. We also handle valuation for probate, insurance, family division, private treaties and single owner collections. Please see our Valuation Services page for more details.

Please see our Auction Valuation Days Calendar for details of where you can meet our specialists. For larger collections or if preferred, we are of course more than happy to arrange for a home visit.

Please enter a brief description of your item(s) below and one of our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively please telephone +44 1635 553 553 or email photographs to More often than not our staff can accurately gauge the extent of your requirements from emailed digital photos.

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